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"I wanna evolve as an artist and I wanna grow up a little bit, and I am growing up and my music has to reflect that.  It's my first time actually being at my own summer headline tour, the fans are excited and I've never had the opportunity to put together like a production before with videos and lighting and stuff. I've always been like an opening for people you know... So it's exciting to be able to finally have like an hour and twenty minutes to perform like a ton of songs and showcase so many different sides of what I can do as an entertainer. I definitely feel actually much more confident in the second album than I did in the first. This album, it's like the first time where i've gone in, from the jam knowing exactly how I wanted to sound and what I wanted to do. The album is called Surfers Paradise wich is the main area of the town that I grew up in back in Australia and I was pretty stoked about that one cause it's the first time that i've like written and produced like the song pretty much I can say entirely myself. I am working all the time and personally I love it. I can't go on a vacation for more than a certain period of time, because I need to get back and work again and that's something that my friends and all the people my age don't understand. People with big dreams, they have to work harder and they have to take bigger risks. The journey has been extraordinary to say the least. I started about four years ago. I posted my first video up online and I had never taken a vocal lesson before, I had never performed in front of anyone besides my family. I honestly didn't understand the enormity of what was going on. I was working with a producer who discovered me online and brought me over to the US and we've recorded a demo and it was just insane being such a young kid being thrown into such a big and mature industry. It is my fans that are responsible for it all. I think they are the ones that were there from the beginning and no matter what happens I know i'm always gonna be able to have those fans and they are gonna be able to grow up  with me, cause I grow up. They're maturing with me so it's awesome being able to share that kind of special relationship with the fans."

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